Conditionals in Paris - Logic, Linguistics and Psychology (ÉCOLE THÉMATIQUE - CNRS)

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We are delighted to announce that a Summer School entitled “Conditionals in Paris – logic, linguistics and psychology” will take place at INALCO (65 rue des Grands Moulins) in Paris from 3 to 7 June, 2019. We cordially invite you to join us!        

Philosophers and logicians have studied conditional constructions, of the form “if A then B”, for millennia, and have made many deep points about them. However, we are still far from having a full account of them and their essential relation to reasoning, to inferring B from A. More recently, linguists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, and theorists in artificial intelligence have also illuminated this study. Our Summer School will be truly interdisciplinary, and will be structured around linguistics, philosophical logic, and psychology, bringing together internationally renowned experts in these fields to introduce and advance research on conditionals. We look forward to welcoming everyone who wants to learn about and contribute to this research to Paris. 








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